[Evolution] YAIQ (Yet another IMAP Question)

Hi all!!

Just a short question.  I really love evolutions imap-support but there are some things that bothers me.

When starting evolution and looking at the folder bar there is nothing under the Imap-tree (that users imap-tree)  I cannot go directly to my INBOX at the imap-server without clicking on the root of the imap-tree.  This might not look like a problem except that I really like the fact that I can access IMAP while not being connected to the network.  This is not possible since I cannot go to the IMAP INBOX eventhough it's really cached and I can find everything under ~/evolution/mail/imap/bagfors server

It's really annoying not being able to access my INBOX when I know it's on the local disk.

Is there a sollution to this??


Erik Bågfors               | erik bagfors nu Supporter of free software | GSM +46 733 279 273 fingerprint: 6666 A85B 95D3 D26B 296B 6C60 4F32 2C0B 693D 6E32

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