Re: [Evolution] Update on unread messages issue...

On Thu, 2001-09-20 at 08:29, Richie Crews wrote:
I was having the unread messages issue also, however on my setup it
occured on some folders and didn't on others.  So I checked the folder
properties of the ones with the problem and compared it to the ones
without the problem. 

I was about to ask "and just how do you view folder properties" when I
looked in the File menu. That's certainly something you'd expect to have
as a right-click menu option, now isn't it?

But I just tried it on the evolution folder, and then another.  Neither
one was having any trouble, I just was checking out this properties
dialog--YET, they both produced messages such as "Reconfiguring folder"
and then "Moving messages" even though I did NOT change anything (well,
the only thing you can change is the mail store format).

I would call this a bug.  It's also probably a useful feature, but no
way should it be triggered by pressing OK after exploring and
discovering the properties menu... there should be some "rebuild folder"
option in there.


I found no differences, however on a folder that
was not updating the unread count I clicked ok and then evo did some
processing in the status bar such as rebuilding folder list and etc and
then that went away.  After closing Evo and restarting it any new
messages going to the previously non working folder are now updating the
unread message count correctly.

Richie Crews

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