Re: [Evolution] Some unusal (and annoying) behaviors

On Wed, 2001-09-19 at 15:56, Aaron Weber wrote:

On Wed, 2001-09-19 at 08:12, John Harlow wrote:

    1.I have the 'Bcc' field enabled. I can tab from the 'To' field to the
    'Cc' field no problem, but the tab key won't take me any further. I must
    use the mouse (yuk) to move to the Bcc or Subject fields.

This one works for me. 

WFM too, 90% of the time (in this message, too).  But I have seen this
problem NUMEROUS times.  Not the kind of thing I feel like filing a bug
for until 20 people report it on the list, because the hackers are gonna
just say WFM.

    2.When I forward a message, the attachments don't go with it. I must
    first save the attachment outside of Evolution and then attach it to the
    forwarded message.

Sounds like a UI/Feature decision to me-- it could lead to
unintentionally large emails, for example.
But go ahead and file a bug report on this if you like.  It probably
won't be addressed til after 1.0 though.

This has already been discussed.  As anyone who read my ranting knows, I
totally agree with John.  But meanwhile, John the workaround is to use
Ctrl-J or Actions->Forward->Forwad as Attached.  Unfortunately (and this
is what I'm not happy about) though this forwards everything including
attachments, there is no ability to edit the body of the forward message
to add your own preface explaining why you're forwarding it, to clean up
the message, etc.

    3.Often, my cursor disappears when I am typing a message and I
have to
    start hitting backspace or delete to figure out where it might be.

I haven't seen this, but if you get it regularly, please do file a bug
on it. That should not be happening at all.

On this one I have to say WFM :).  Cursor only disappears temporarily
while holding down delete or backspace for a long time, but it always
comes back.


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