Re: [Evolution] mail recipients in compose suggestion

I actually like this feature, because you can "on-the-fly" decide to BCC
one person though putting everyone else in the "To" field, for example. 
FWIW, the button you clicked initially DOES make a difference. 
Double-clicking any name will place the contact in the field
corresponding to the button you clicked.

For example, from mail compose window, click "BCC:" and double click a
contact.  The name will appear in the "BCC:" section.  At this point if
you want to "To" someone, select his or her name and click the "To"
button (from within the popup window).  

For people who have those #$ !# SMTP servers that will reveal all names
if you only have BCC addresses selected (me at work, for example), it is
very convenient to add yourself as the "To" recipient this way but still
hide everyone else's name.

Not very intuitive or well-explained, I'll admit.  But IMHO the
behaviour is cool.


On Wed, 2001-09-19 at 12:18, John Weber wrote:
When composing a new email, I have the recipient fields To:, Cc:, and
Bcc:. Each of these buttons brings up the same addressbook menu which
lets me choose any of these fields again. Instead have a separate
addressbook button and use these buttons to change the category (To:,
Cc, Bcc:) with a drop down menu. Like Mozilla.
Thanks, John

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