Re: [Evolution] Some unusal (and annoying) behaviors


  Thanks for the feedback.  As a general rule, you can just search for your issues in bugzilla and file bugs if you don't see others complaining about them.  But sending feedback here is OK too. :)
I've responded to your reports inline.

On Wed, 2001-09-19 at 08:12, John Harlow wrote:
I've been using Evolution for quite a while now and there are a few
behaviors which are not show stoppers, but are very annoying.

Before I file a report, I wanted to see if these are config issues which
I just haven't figured out how to address.

1.I have the 'Bcc' field enabled. I can tab from the 'To' field to the
'Cc' field no problem, but the tab key won't take me any further. I must
use the mouse (yuk) to move to the Bcc or Subject fields.
This one works for me.
2.When I forward a message, the attachments don't go with it. I must
first save the attachment outside of Evolution and then attach it to the
forwarded message.
Sounds like a UI/Feature decision to me-- it could lead to unintentionally large emails, for example.
But go ahead and file a bug report on this if you like.  It probably won't be addressed til after 1.0 though.
3.Often, my cursor disappears when I am typing a message and I have to
start hitting backspace or delete to figure out where it might be.
I haven't seen this, but if you get it regularly, please do file a bug on it. That should not be happening at all.

Aaron Weber
Ximian, Inc.

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