[Evolution] Reply in kind. (ascii and html)

Hi list.

I was wondering, is there any way to automatically select format=html
when replying to a mail formatted as html? I usually use ascii format,
so html isn't chosen as default, but when I reply to html formatted
mails, especially mails containing tables and such, I prefer replying in
html, because otherwise stuff like tables are lost when quoted, and
ticking the format->html selection after pressing 'Reply' wont fix this.
Currently I have to change my mail settings, press 'Reply' and then
reset my mailsettings, which is a bit cumbersome. (well, either that or
remember to tick off html each time a send an ascii-formatted mail,
which is the vast majority of times).

If this isn't possible, is there some way to select html formatting
based on the sender of the mail being replied to? Ticking
"prefers...html" in Contacts doesn't seem to do it.


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