Re: [Evolution] Pilot conduits and todo's

        Palm Conduits
        Pilot Link

    Palm Conduits
    Pilot Link

Yes, that looks VERY familiar.  I updated to the new gnomecc (the
gtkhtml version, after some hacking about with and
that problem went away.  I only get three conduits, though: backup, test
and file.  Should I have gotten others?


when clicking on either the Conduit configuration or the Pilot Link
configuration, the same screen comes up (i believe it's the "Pilot Link"
screen). i also do not have any capital E in front of any of anything, like
described in an earlier post ( ie. EtoDo, EAddress ).

unfortunately, i am unsure if the sync tools are even working properly
because i just re-installed jPilot but don't have the palm here.

any advice on the Palm weirdness? or do i have something configured wrong?
thanx a bunch...
Jamie LaScolea

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| I am succeffully using the pilot synching on evolution (lastest
| release).  So far, almost everything works great.  The only problem,
| 'todo' items that are marked completed dont go away.  They show up even
| though I set the todo prefs to 'hide completed todo's after 1 min.'.  Is
| this a known issue, or am I missing something else.
| David
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