Re: [Evolution] libgtkhtml

quick tempory hack:

su -
cd /usr/lib
mv* /tmp
rpm -e --nodeps libgtkhtml15
rpm -U libgtkhtml15....rpm (the version from the ximian ftp site)
mv /tmp/libgtkhtml* .

that should be ok (you can install the ximian updates), and when
packages will be fixed, it should be cleaned up automatically. on the
other hand, if packages are not fixed for the next evo snapshot,
dependancies will break.


le mar 18-09-2001 at 14:36 ///o-o\\\ a écrit :
i am experiencing this same thing for RH7.1. GNOME control center needs .15,
Red Carpet says i have it, but when i query, i have .16....
Jamie LaScolea
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| Hi !
| there's a problem with Evo packages for RH6.2: libgtkhtml15 contains
| gtkhtml0.16, but the latest desktop upgrade needs 0.15 ...
| You've probably already noticed it anyway.
| have a nice day,
|          Xav
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