Re: [Evolution] Contact from LDAP database

Hmm, this is undoubtedly the result of a bug fix I put in last night -
instead of flagging entries, text widgets, date widgets, combo boxes,
etc. as insensitive, we flag them as uneditable.  This way you can still
highlight the text in the field.  you just can't change them.  But the
conditions under which this happens haven't changed.  They should only
be uneditable where they would have normally been insensitive.

I've verified this by using my test server here -- by authenticating
(after which the supported fields are editable) and also by hitting
cancel on the password dialog (after which the fields aren't editable.)

I'll take a look though.. maybe I screwed something up.

by the way, the only thing that evolution presently looks at when
determining if you have write permission on a server is whether you've
authenticated.  So, if you've authenticated successfully, evolution
assumes you have write access anywhere on the server (which is wrong in
many situations, of course, but getting Permission Denied errors in some
conditions is better than not being able to edit anything.)


On Mon, 2001-09-17 at 07:58, Pascal DeMilly wrote:
Oh No! I just downloaded the latest snapshot for RH 7.1 cvs
2001. and see that some changes have been made to the LDAP
code as I am not able to add contact to my LDAP database.

Now all fields in the contact are disabled. Double-clicking on an empty
cell of the contact list brings the new contact dialog box, but  I
cannot enter any info. I am stuck with an read-only database. Not very
useful. Note that I can ldapadd from the shell.

Please turn back support for read-write or explain me what to change on
my server to be able to write to my database.



On Sat, 2001-09-15 at 08:58, Pascal DeMilly wrote:
I want to report few problems that I have with the contact component of
a LDAP database.

I created a  LDAP database with write priviledge granted to all
(testing purposes). I can access, add and modify records from any shell
prompt. I can also access contacts from that database directly from

But when trying to modify a contact, most fields are disabled. Only the
name, organization, location, fileAs fields, web page address and
everything on the details page can be modifyied as the fields are not
grayed out. Interestingly I can change the name, but when I press the
fullname button, all the fields are disabled in the resulting popup

From the contact view, the New Contact button, New List and delete
button are also grayed out. But double-clicking in an empty cell on the
list brings up a new contact that I can fill and save without any
problem. As expected the contact is saved on my server in my LDAP
database. So it seems that the permissions are OK and that indeed my
database is read-write. Therefore one should expect all buttons and
fields to be enabled.

Anybody else working wih LDAP having similar problems ? I really want to
use LDAP write access with Evolution which will make it really superior
to Outlook and Netscape messenger or Mozilla-mail as they seem to have
poor support for it (in write mode AFAIK).

evolution maillist  -  evolution ximian com

evolution maillist  -  evolution ximian com

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