Re: [Evolution] To and From columns

I have posted bug 10057:

Thanks for the confirmation.


On Sun, 2001-09-16 at 10:31, Jamin Philip Gray wrote:

I noticed this exact same bug yesterday.  I was trying to do the
same thing..set the headers so I'd have a "To" header for my sent
mail folder and a "From" for my inbox.  


A new bug has crept in the latest CVS version:

I usually have my Sent folder display the "To" Column, but not the
"From" column in the message list pane. In the folders that receive
email, I have the "From" field, but not the "To" field. All this used to
work just fine. But I just noticed that the view settings are not on a
per folder basis anymore, but seem global, i.e. the folder settings that
get changed last override all other folder view settings AFTER I restart

This is a bug, right?


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