Re: [Evolution] Shortcuts and Folders List Not Showing Number of New Messages

On dom, 2001-09-16 at 05:07, Ian J Maude wrote:
Actually, I don't particularly care if it is accurate or not.  What
matters to me is that I get an indication of new mail in a folder.  When
you have multiple folders it is difficult to trawl them all to check for
new mail.  Accuracy would be nice of course but an indication is the
most important.  I personally use the shortcut bar a lot and I feel like
my right arm has been cut off without seeing the numberss
I care too!, some days later I filed this bug in bugzilla, and now the
numbers doesn't appears at all! :-(
In later versions at least they refresh when I clicked on "Summary" but
now they don't exist anymore.

It would be nice that this feature work again.

Lucas Di Pentima - Santa Fe - Argentina
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