Re: [Evolution] Shortcuts and Folders List Not Showing Number of New Messages

On Sun, 2001-09-16 at 01:14, Allen Terry Johnson SR wrote:
I care!!!  Its always worked accurately for me in the past!!!

On Sat, 2001-09-15 at 17:31, Eric Lambart wrote:
    Please forgive me when I ask, who cares?  Those numbers have NEVER been
    accurate anyway.  Then again, maybe they've almost got some of those
    bugs with updating new messages counts fixed so this could be a good
Actually, I don't particularly care if it is accurate or not.  What
matters to me is that I get an indication of new mail in a folder.  When
you have multiple folders it is difficult to trawl them all to check for
new mail.  Accuracy would be nice of course but an indication is the
most important.  I personally use the shortcut bar a lot and I feel like
my right arm has been cut off without seeing the numberss


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