Re: [Evolution] Deleting from a list of Unread messages

9/14/2001 11:02:51 AM, "John Hearns" <john hearns framestore co uk> wrote:

I sorted on the Unread/Read state of the messages,
and clicked on an Unread message.
If you then Delete, Evo marks that mail with a score through,
but then resorts the mail so that mail is in its correct Unread place.
This is counterto what I would wan tit to do -
ie. to jump to the next unread.

Should I instead configure Evo to move deleted mails directly
to Trash? How do I do this - its not obvious in the mail server

That is not configurable.  Mail is never actually moved to the Trash; Trash is just a vfolder and messages 
get permanently deleted from both the 
source folder and the Trash folder when you Expunge the source folder.

Try doing View->Hide Deleted Messages.  This may behave the way you want, though I've never tried sorting by 
Read/Unread so there may be a 
bug there.

Hope this helps.


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