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From: Eric Lambart <lambart got net>
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Subject: Re: [Evolution] Evolution freezing when pressing Send/Receive
Date: 9/14/2001 11:07:08 AM

9/14/2001 10:07:17 AM, Pascal DeMilly <list evolution newgenesys com> wrote:

I started having problems getting my messages 3 snapshots ago. The 1st
time I press SEND/RECEIVE everything is fine. However the 2nd time,
evolution freezes. I started evolution-mail in a separate xterm and few
second later evolution. I have included the messages generated by
evolution-mail from the beginning until the freeze. I see a lot of
assertions which might be of interest to a developer. I will fill a bug
report of Bugzilla as well.

Make sure you look for duplicates and add your info to an existing bug report, because I know they exist.

I had this problem  BIG TIME with the 0905 snapshot.  It made Evolution practically useless.  I haven't had 
this problem with the 0908 snapshot (and 
therefore closed my own bug reports) so maybe it went away and came back.  I'm not about to download a newer 
snapshot until I hear it's fixed for 

I experienced the problem with a POP server.  Whatever you report, make sure you specify POP or IMAP as it 
could make a difference to the 


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