Re: [Evolution] How to report this bug?

On Sun, 2001-09-09 at 07:05, Ujwal S. Sathyam wrote:
So, I got an email that consistently crashes the mail component when I
try to view it. I believe gtkhtml is crashing quite horribly. I ran
evolution-mail within gdb to get a back trace, but the back trace is
thousands of lines. I gave up trying to get one after 3000 lines. I am
suspecting some kind of infinite recursion. So how do I report this
thingy? I could try saving the email as source and try to send it to one
of the developers...


If it were me, I would copy the stack trace up to the part where it
starts to recurse too many times. This way, you can file the bug report
on <> in the usual way without having to past
e 3000+ lines. If the loop appears to be occurring within gtkhtml, you
should consider posting it under gtkhtml on <>

I wouldn't send to one of the developers, because often they prefer that
you send the report via the proper channels (a bug reporting system), so
that they have all the information they require, there will be a history
of the problem, and so it shows up in their inbox in a conformed way
(among other reasons).

Hope this helps.


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