Re: [Evolution] A list of problems/issues I've found with .13

On Sat, 2001-09-08 at 14:18, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
I'll deal with the mail section since I don't hack on the other

On Sat, 2001-09-08 at 03:54, Alan wrote:

 - In the mail settings dialog the button at the bottom is labeled
   "Close" no matter what tab you are on.  This is bad design IMHO
   if you make changes (set, set threading to default on the Display
   tab) are your settings save automatically, or not.  People are
   to seeing "Apply/OK/Cancel" buttons at the bottom of a dialog,
   in this case I think at least an "OK/Cancel" combination would
   sense, to allow people the choice to save their settings or not.
   If the architecture of the program is a "save as soon as an
   is set", then instead of close, how about changing it to "OK"
   (which is more "friendly" sounding).

Options are set/saved the instant you change them... I guess I agree
that maybe an OK button instead of Close might be more appropriate. I
dunno... I'm not a UI expert.

Nor am I, I suppose, though I must say I do agree with Alan.  I would
really prefer having a Cancel option (Apply/Try would be nice but I
could live without it), and I think OK is indeed more "friendly" than a
simple "Close"

 - A useful option to have when right clicking on a VFolder would be

 - Allowing more EMACS keybindings (^u is the one I noticed) in the
   email composer

The bindings are configurable, you just have to edit the
I forget where they are. I think they are accessable via the gnomecc

Yes... gnomecc->HTML Viewer->Keyboard Shortcuts.  You can select "Emacs
Like" from the "Shortcuts type" list.  I just with there was a "VI like"
=) or at least the "MS like" worked better.


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