Re: [Evolution] A list of problems/issues I've found with .13

I'll deal with the mail section since I don't hack on the other

On Sat, 2001-09-08 at 03:54, Alan wrote:

 - Not everyone knows their PGP id, why not have a button that opens
   a browser to something like or even
   Where %s is the default email address the user provides.

You don't actually need to fill in the Key Id field. This is optional,
and really only needed if your pgp key does not match (or contain) your
email address. Since that is the case, opening a browser is a complete
waste of time I think...?

 - In the mail settings dialog the button at the bottom is labeled
   "Close" no matter what tab you are on.  This is bad design IMHO as
   if you make changes (set, set threading to default on the Display
   tab) are your settings save automatically, or not.  People are used
   to seeing "Apply/OK/Cancel" buttons at the bottom of a dialog, and
   in this case I think at least an "OK/Cancel" combination would make
   sense, to allow people the choice to save their settings or not.
   If the architecture of the program is a "save as soon as an option
   is set", then instead of close, how about changing it to "OK"
   (which is more "friendly" sounding).

Options are set/saved the instant you change them... I guess I agree
that maybe an OK button instead of Close might be more appropriate. I
dunno... I'm not a UI expert.

 - When connecting via SSL to a site that has created their own cert
   (ie: lots of personal sites and servers out there, including mine)
   a "Bad Certificate" message is displayed.  This is done each
   session.  It would be much nicer to have a "remember this choice"
   or "import certificate" similar to the way that IE or netscape can
   do it, so you are not nagged every time you check your mail (or
   every time you restart Evolution, it seems to vary).  At least
   an "ignore further errors about this site" or "ignore further
   certificate errors" or something like that.

I've been trying to fix it to import the certificate (that's the only
non-hacky-kludgy way to do it) but unfortunately Mozilla's NSS library
interfaces changed on me and now I have no clue how to import
certificates. I love working with libraries that contain 0

 - A useful option to have when right clicking on a VFolder would be

 - Allowing more EMACS keybindings (^u is the one I noticed) in the
   email composer

The bindings are configurable, you just have to edit the file...although
I forget where they are. I think they are accessable via the gnomecc

 - Deleted messages dragged onto their same pane (ie: you decide you
   don't want to drag it anywhere after starting to drag it somewhere
   and move the mouse back to the original message) are undeleted.
   Their strikethrough is removed, even if the "drop" is back where
   they started.

I agree that this shouldn't happen, but for me it doesn't... I also
wrote the Drag & Drop code and am pretty damn certain that it shouldn't
be doing this (it's not something that can happen by mistake either).

However, we *do* need it so we can drop on message-lists... if you have
2 Evolution windows open, you should be able to drag a message from one
message-list and drop into another.

Possible Solution:
 - Have the list pane that the message is dragged from be an invalid
   drop area.  I don't think you can re-order messages by
   dragging/dropping anyway, as this would be controlled by the sort

 - Sometimes vfolders get "stuck" and I get a screen bottom full of
   "Refreshing folder <foldername>" along the status bar.  This is
   sign of an impending crash and time to leave.

 - Setting "Message list should display in a threaded fashion by
   does not work.  Having this set (Mail settings->display) does not
   affect (for example) new vfolders, which default to NOT having
   that option checked in the View menu

What probably happened is that you had already opened the folders before
setting the default behavior? Since the default behavior starts off as
"not threaded", each folder you open gets saved as "don't thread this
folder" and so when you change the default setting, the folders you had
previously opened retain their specified setting.

 - Setting "send HTML mail by default" does not seem to work when
   inserting an inline text file.  This makes sense, in a way, but
   how do you bring a text file in as an email (ie: something you
   wrote somewhere else) without making HTML mail (or at least, an
   HTML attachment)?  Opening it up in another editor, select all,
   copy, paste is an option, but "import text file" or some similar
   type option would be cool as well.

Insert -> Inline Text File ...

Already there ;-)

 - Vfolders do not seem to refresh their contents until they are
   clicked on.
   For example:
    o I start up evolution, create a bunch of Vfolders on my various
      mailing lists,
      save and exit.
    o Wait a bit till more mail is recieved.  o Start up evolution.
      My IMAP mail server shows the new messages in the inbox.
      The Vfolders that I've created will not reflect those changes
      in the mail count until I click on EACH AND EVERY ONE.

   IMHO, this way of doing things (and I hope I'm doing something
   wrong here, I did wait for some time (a minute? maybe more,
   maybe a bit less) before determining that they weren't refreshing
   automatically) is completely pointless for the way that Vfolders
   work.  You are actually making more work for the user if they
   have to click on each folder to refresh it (funnily enough,
   the UNMATCHED folder will start off with a high number, and go
   down as each mailing list folder is clicked).

   Telling me "just filter your mail to other local|remote folders"
   isn't going to work.  I'm doing it this way so that I can filter
   my mail while I'm at work, and download it via POP when I get
   home, so I want to leave it on the server in the main spool.

   IMHO, I don't see how this behaviour could not be seen as either
   a design flaw or a bug :)  Don't get me wrong, VFolders absolutely
   ROCK, but having to click on them to refresh my mail just sucks.

Possible Solution:
 - Make Vfolders so they are always "active" and searching the contents
   of their sources.  They seemed to work properly after the initial
   click, so it may just be something on initialization or program

The problem is that to keep the vfolders constantly updating means
having to do loads of extra disk access and cpu hogging. Unfortunately
it takes resources in order to query on-disk mailboxes (and especially
remote (IMAP) mailboxes). The way I see it we are stuck between a rock
and a hard place. Users want fast, but they also want continuous
updating. If we make it continually update, then we'll get complaints
that Evolution is too slow. Users need to understand that they can't
have their cake and eat it too. And unfortunately we are already being
critisized for "being too slow".

   It's not always working though, I have 4 messages sitting in IMAP
   inbox right now, but the text for the UNMATCHED folder shows no
   new mail.  When I click on the UNMATCHED folder it changes to
   "UNMATCHED (4)" :(

This bug is known.

 - When initially attaching a file to an outgoing message, the
   icon is shown in the center of the attachment pane.   When it is
   accessed again (ie: right click->properties->ok) or another
   attachment is added, the icons are moved to the far left.
   Not a huge problem, but inconsistant behaviour.

Also known, but not sure how to fix guess is that this is a
gnome-libs bug.

Possible Solution:
 - Place the icon with the same alignment initially as when the pane
   is redrawn (what I assume is happening).


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