[Evolution] Re: [Evolution-hackers] A list of problems/issues I've found with .13

On Sat, 2001-09-08 at 03:54, Alan wrote:

 - When you first go to the tasks view, you are prompted for your
   Timezone.  The problem with this is that you already provided
   it during the initial setup.

Possible Solution:
 - Save the timezone value.  If it's not set (they didn't select it in
the startup wizard) then prompt, and use that value for any for
   any unset timezone entries.  If the task / calendar / inbox
   component need their own timezones then they can be changed in
   the preferences already.  IMHO the chances of a "normal user"
   having different timezones set is very very low.

Did you actually select a timezone in the initial setup?
If you did, then we may have a bug. If you just hit 'OK' without
choosing a timezone then it is your fault ;)
Actually we should probably make sure the user chooses a timezone
before proceeding.

I've changed it so the tasks/calendar components never prompt for
the timezone now anyway.

 - The first thing you see on entering the Tasks component is a line
   saying "Click to add a task". Well, basically it doesn't work.
   You click, and nothing happens except that the line changes to
   blank fields, and double clicking / right clicking has no effect.

Possible Solution:
 - Have clicking on the "click to add a task" entry launch the same
   dialog that the toolbar "new task" item launches.

NOTE: After adding a task via the toolbar, clicking on the "click here
to add a new task" worked.  I have confirmed that "Click to add a task"
ONLY works if there is a task already in the list.

This looks like a problem with the underlying ETable widget.
I'm not sure if it is a known problem or not.
We do have several problems with it at present.


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