Re: [Evolution] Forwarding attachments

On Fri, 2001-09-07 at 13:37, Luis Villa wrote:
On Fri, 2001-09-07 at 15:41, Eric Lambart wrote:
I think Actions->Forward As->Forward Attached (or, save yourself some
RSI-inducing behaviour and just type Ctrl-J) will do this. I believe
I've used it successfully.  I wish there was a way to make this the

Check out the mail options. It is in there, though I don't recall
exactly where right off the top of my head.

Um yeah, you're totally right, Luis.  It's under Tools->Mail

But now I'm confused.  See, I don't want to forward any message as an
attachment.  I want to forward the message body (the first part of a
multi-part msg?) as a message body, I want to forward the attachments as
attachments.  If I set the default to "attachment" it seems to send all
of the original message as an attachment.  I suppose that's what Ctrl-J
does, as well.  Ugh.

I can see another pointless and fruitless usability and feature and
personal-preference discussion coming here, so I think I'll just shut up
and let you guys go back to fixing bugs.  Unless someone can tell me
there's a way to do what I actually want to do.


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