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On Fri, 2001-09-07 at 11:09, Al Niessner wrote:

I am trying to use as my provider, but evolution does not
want to send to their smtp server. I configure evolution to use login as
instructed by yahoo, but when I send I get a message that yahoo does not
support requested authentication type PLAIN. I went back to the 'Sending
Mail' tab for that email account and clicked on the 'Check for supported
types'. All it does is pop up a window and then kills it before it can
be fully painted so I have idea what the contents are.

Question 1) Is anyone using yahoo with evolution to send their email and
if so, how do you have it configured?

Yes, I use evolution to send mail via my yahoo mail account.  Here's my

Receiving Mail:

  Server Type: POP
  Username: aztlan2k
  Use secure connection (SSL): unchecked
  Authentication Type: Password

Sending Mail:

  Server Type: SMTP
  Use secure connection (SSL): unchecked
  Server requires authentication: unchecked

Even though Yahoo requires you authenticate yourself before you can send
mail, this is not done when sending via SMTP.  Instead, I think it
authenticates you when you first check for your e-mail.  So as long as
you simply check your e-mail before sending... things should work fine.
At least, they have been working fine for me.

hope this helps,


Question 2) Assuming 1 is not answered, how do I use emacs to change the
authentication type to whatever is supported?

Question 3) Where do I find the evolution supported authentication


Al Niessner

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