[Evolution] no success upgrading from *mdk* evo 0.12 to 0.13


I'm one of those upgraders that are not really happy with the newest
beta release of evolution ...

I downloaded the most recent version from the mdk-cooker ftp site,
upgraded to the other prerequisites but have no luck at all. After
saying "/usr/bin/evolution" absolutely nothing happens. If I then remove
my old 0.12 ~/evolution directory, I at least get a message box telling
me that it is the first time that I use evolution and the evolution
folder will be created, thats it.

Nothing else happens, no messages (errors, warnings) appear on the shell
where I called /usr/bin/evolution, just ... silence.

so the only chance I have got so far is to continue using the mdk 0.12
version of evo.

any suggestions?

udo rader

p.s.: please note that I am using rpm to install the new packages, not
the mkd software manager - if that makes a difference.

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