[Evolution] Evolution 0.13 (Beta 3) is out!

The hacking monkeys at Ximian are proud to announce the availability
of the Beta 3 (aka 0.13) release of Evolution.

Now is the time for Evolution to be stress-tested and bug reports to
be submitted.  Remember, prizes will be awarded to those reporting the
nastiest, thorniest, and the most total bugs.  To report a bug, visit
http://bugzilla.ximian.com or use the GNOME Bug Report tool, bug-buddy.

Every Thursday, between 9 A.M. and 9 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (US),
developers and users of Evolution gather to find, isolate, and destroy
bugs.  To participate, open your IRC client and visit the #evobugs
channel, located on the irc.gnome.org server.

The Beta 3 release marks a significant milestone as the binary
packages for Evolution Beta 3 come bundled with LDAP support and SSL
support built in.  As always, you can help make Evolution 1.0 the best
release possible by reporting any bugs you find to


If you use Ximian GNOME, you can install this version by subscribing
to the Ximian GNOME channel in Red Carpet (System -> Get Software).
(Not all the packages for all the distributions have been pushed at
the time of writing though.)

If you do not have Ximian GNOME installed, you can download Evolution
binaries from our FTP server at


or compile the source tarballs at


For more information, the main Evolution web page is located at


The Evolution development page is located at




    * New startup assistant to create mail accounts, import mail and
      set your timezone.  (Iain, Taylor)

    * Improved the appearance and behavior of the clickable title bar
      and the folder tree.  (Ettore)

    * "Stock" folders such as Inbox have their names translated now
      and cannot be removed.  (Ettore)

    * Moved the Summary (formerly known as "My Evolution") to be a
      normal node instead of being the toplevel node.  (Ettore)

    * Fixed some problems with copying, moving and removing
      folderes.  (Jason)

    * Fixed the handling of documentation files in the Help menu. It
      now integrates nicely with Nautilus and Scrollkeeper.  (Aaron,
      Kjartan Maraas)

    * Implemented the `File -> New' menu.  (Ettore)

    * Improved error messages on start-up.  (Ettore)

    * Fixed various crashes and minor bugs.  (Ettore, Jason)

    * Various UI tweaks and improvements.  (Anna, Tuomas, Jakub)


    * Fixed creating IMAP folders.  (Jeff)

    * Add a shortcut to the INBOX of IMAP or spool stores when their
      accounts are first created.  (Peter)

    * Fixed Crash on Exit bugs.  (Jeff)

    * Many more i18n fixes.  (Zbigniew Chyla, Jeff, others)

    * Subscribe dialog UI tweaks.  (Peter, Anna)

    * Displaying PGP signed messages now shows icons.  (Jeff)

    * Sensitize menu items based on number of selected messages.

    * Always-sign options for PGP.  (Jeff)

    * Fixed keep-on-server for POP servers that don't support UIDL.

    * Several IMAP fixes.  (Peter, Jeff, Danw)

    * Fix crash after conversion of an empty folder to another format.

    * Ibex now limits its file descriptor usage.  (Michael)

    * When deleting an account, remove the shortcuts that point to it.

    * Several IMAP fixes.  (Peter, Jeff, Danw)

    * Miscellaneous bugfixes all around.  (Peter, Jeff, Danw, Michael,

Calendar & Tasks:

    * Calendar no longer crashes when you scroll a busy month view.
    * (Federico)

    * Performance improvements throughout.  (Damon)

    * Improved search bar; now handles categories.  (Trow, Federico)

    * The date navigator now reflects the results of the search bar.

    * An empty task is no longer added when you have selected a
      category.  (Federico)

    * Internationalization fixes.  (Zbigniew Chyla)

    * Timezone fixes.  (Damon)

    * Time transparency and component classification support.  (Damon)

    * Folder bar now displays the selected time range.  (Damon)

    * Improved settings dialog.  (Anna, Damon, Federico)

    * iTIP/iMIP fixes for attendees, cancellation.  (JP)

    * Category icon drawing fixes.  (Rodrigo)

    * Alarm fixes.  (Federico)

    * Calendar components can be saved independently.  (JP)

    * New icons.  (Tuomas)

    * Contacts support.  (Damon)

    * You can double-click on appointments to edit them.  (Damon)

    * Share more code between the backends.  (Rodrigo)

    * Miscellaneous fixes all around.  (Damon, JP, Rodrigo, Federico)


    * Various fixes.  (Anna, Danw, Jason, Clahey, Radek, Toshok, Trow,
      Nat, Jos Dehaes, Kjartan Maraas)

    * Made addressbook menus match the right click menus.  (Clahey)

    * Made addressbook use camel for building email addresses.  (Trow)

    * Fixed up phone number matching to not cause errors.  (Clahey)

    * Made the alphabet bar change the current search.  (Clahey)

    * Made duplicate contact matching less sensitive.  (Clahey)

    * Changed advanced search to match behavior in mailer.  (Toshok)

    * Redesigned LDAP server dialog.  (Anna)

    * Work on addressbook authentication.  (Toshok)

    * Changes to EDestination.  (Trow)

    * Magic comma work.  (Trow)

    * Redesigned ESelectNames dialog.  (Anna)

    * Made LDAP changes appear in gui immediately if they're made by
      the local client.  (Toshok)

    * Made ECard hold a link to its original EBook.  (Clahey, Trow)

    * Adapted for new ESearchBar.  (Federico, Trow)

    * Added the ability to create cards from anywhere in evolution.

    * Made searches for completion not use invalid cached data.

    * Encode strings typed in by the user for use in sexps.  (Toshok)

    * Made EContactEditor make the save button active more often.

    * Made ESelectNames handle LDAP storages.  (Toshok)

    * Added full country list to addressbook full address editor.

    * Added the contact count to the folder bar.  (Clahey)

    * Updated icons.  (Damon, Ettore)

    * Worked on addressbook conduit.  (JP)

    * Made ESelectNames only show names on the left that aren't on the
      right.  (Trow)

    * Fixed up minicard dragging.  (Toshok)


    * Miscellaneous fixes all around.  (Iain)

    * New icons.  (Tuomas, Jakub)

    * Works for people whose text colour was a light colour.  (Iain)

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