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Also the time filtering on the search criteria doesn't seem to work
properly. see attachment for the way I defined the rule. When selecting
this rule, I will still see messages that are slightly younger than one
month old. For example today Sept 6 will show message sent and received
on Aug 9. I would expect to not show anything after Aug 6th. 



I have setup a filter to the search for messages older than 1 month.
On Wed, 2001-09-05 at 16:11, Rory D. Hudson wrote:
Does anybody know the answer to this?  Please I am dying to be able to
use this feature automatically.  Let me know, thanks again to

Rory Hudson
Information Systems
Zumiez, Inc.

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From: Rory D. Hudson 
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Subject: [Evolution] Applying the time filter

Hello there...

This product is really looking sharp!!  I have been looking at the
filters and it is sure nice to see quite a wide array of ways to
organize my e-mail.  I have a quick question though.  I am currently
using the time filter, I want my e-mail to be deleted after two weeks
time has passed.  There is a way of creating this as a filter, but the
problem is that I have to manually invoke the filter each time in
to get this to work.  Is there a way to automate this process, so that
it looks at the timestamp regularly (i.e. each time I log in?)  Please
let me know, and keep up the good work, I love using this product

Rory Hudson
Information Systems
Zumiez, Inc.

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