Re: [Evolution] Problems with Cyrus S/IMAP

On Wed, 2001-09-05 at 15:36, Steve Fox wrote:
I'm trying desperately to ditch Mozilla Mail here at work, but Evolution
doesn't seem to handle S/IMAP with a Cyrus server very well.

1) Filters do not apply on the inbox, even though I have "Apply filters
to INBOX" checked in the account. A Ctrl+A, Ctrl+Y applies the filters,
but it's quite annoying to have to do this all the time.

I concur. Manually applying filters doesnt lock up Evo anymore, AFAIK.
2) Opening the INBOX seems very flakey. Sometimes it works, sometimes it
looks like it got mail, but then the INBOX is never refreshed. Even
changing to another folder and then back again doesn't help.

My INBOX counter gets updated, but if I am in the INBOX, the new mail
does not show up.  If I switch to another folder and back they will show


Although, I have not tried it with
evolution-0.13.99-snap.ximian.200109050708 yet.

Will try, and advise.

Does anyone else have S/IMAP with Cyrus working better than I do? Is

Not using S/IMAP here.

Mike Leckey, Jr.        rml phxlab honeywell com        602.231.1685
Honeywell Engines & Systems                             Phoenix, AZ

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