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Well, I have a dual boot machine running Mandrake 8/Win98. Mandrake
automatically installed the truetype fonts from my Windows partition on X
during setup, so I really don't know much about the set up process. Back
while I was using RH7 I used to render truetype fonts using xfstt, which
operated as an independent font server on port 7101. It never failed for me.

What really puzzles me about this antialiasing problem is that it occurs
only in Evolution. Perhaps if I knew the exact font evolution is using to
render messages, then I might be able to figure out a clue. I do know that
the Adobe Helvetica/Courier fonts on my system are 2-byte fonts. But they
still render fine in other applications. Perhaps one of the developers could
help out here?


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In regards to your post on Evolution mailling list.. I don't know the
answer to your question but I am curious about how you added the
truetype fonts to your system? Feel free to point to an RTFM. I've read
a couple and in the midst some how crashed and trashed my XF86Config.

I was loading the freetype XF86 module but found documentation for the
xtt module and tried switching when all hell broke loose on my machine.
(Sneaking hunch it was an XFS thing)

Regardless.. I am going to switch back to freetype just as soon as I
restore my XF86Config. Once I do, how did you go about getting the extra
truetype fonts installed? I created the directory, put it in the font
path and xftconfig but they did not show up. I'm assuming I had to
create a fonts.dir file but I was looking for a script to generate it to
no avail.

Any quick help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.. Or tell
me to get lost. 8)

SMF 8)

Oracle DBA - Time Warner Telecom

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