Re: [Evolution] Re: Antialiased fonts

To see what fonts are being used in Evolution, go to the Gnome Control
Center (/usr/bin/gnomecc), to Document Handlers->HTML Viewer->Fonts.  

The listed fonts (click on each one for much more deatil) are used
wherever fixed width or variable width fonts are needed in the message
compose, view, and preview windows/panes.


On Wed, 2001-09-05 at 14:12, Ibukun Okitika wrote:
Well, I have a dual boot machine running Mandrake 8/Win98. Mandrake
automatically installed the truetype fonts from my Windows partition on X
during setup, so I really don't know much about the set up process. Back
while I was using RH7 I used to render truetype fonts using xfstt, which
operated as an independent font server on port 7101. It never failed for me.

What really puzzles me about this antialiasing problem is that it occurs
only in Evolution. Perhaps if I knew the exact font evolution is using to
render messages, then I might be able to figure out a clue. I do know that
the Adobe Helvetica/Courier fonts on my system are 2-byte fonts. But they
still render fine in other applications. Perhaps one of the developers could
help out here?


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