Re: [Evolution] LDAP just an option, not working? was (Is Palmsyncing in in the latest snap?)

On Wed, 2001-09-05 at 10:09, Zot O'Connor wrote:

Palm integration is coming soon, but is not yet in the snapshots or in
the beta. I understand it will be before the end of this week. SSL +
LDAP are in 0.13, but not in snapshots. I understand that too will be
remedied soon.

I see the LDAP sources in 0.12, but cannot see anyplace to actually use
the LDAP servers.  IS this working the in the 0.13 snapshots, or am I
missing an option?

It should be working in 0.13, yes.  If you see the ldap servers in 0.12
you should be able to use it there as well (The Other Contacts subtree
doesn't show up at all if you don't have evolution built with LDAP). 
Just select the ldap server in the folder tree and type in a search
query, or hit return in the search field for all cards.

LDAP Servers show up in the folder view under "Other Contacts", and you
can add/edit ldap servers by using the Tools->Addressbook Sources...
menu item.


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