Re: [Evolution] Am I alone in this bug?

On Wed, Sep 05, 2001 at 10:07:21AM -0400, Rick Ziegler wrote:
Has anyone else experienced this bug (8924)?  Does it occur with IMAP
servers other than Exchange?

IMAP folders do not get updated properly when they are in the current


Actual Results:
User is very annoyed when he sees his mail biff (gkrellm) active, but
the send recieve button in evolution fails to work.  

The best 'workaround' for this is to not run anything else that
touches your IMAP mailbox.  I have exactly the same situation, but if
I kill off the gnome mailcheck applet, everything starts to work fine.

I seem to remember it not being exchange specific, though.

I'm not sure if 'coexisting happily with biffs' is on Ximian's todo
list or not.

It sure is a nuisance.

        John A.

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