Re: [Evolution] Feature idea]

Motorcycle maintenance is often on my mind as well, Janne :) but I'd
still like this feature... perhaps because my maintenance doesn't
generally involve attaching bits to bikes.

Anyway, I think the warning should be on by default, but with the
standard checkbox option ("don't show this message again") to turn it
off, and of course a menu option to turn it back on.

| This message contains the word "attach[ment/ed]", but you have 
| not selected any attachments.  To send this message without an 
| attachment, click OK.

Ahh, it'll be nice after Evo 1.0 is out, and discussion of possible new
features becomes more relevant!  Meanwhile, as long as this one is in
bugzilla as Dan W. says, I suppose we should find it and add our
comments there so they won't be forgotten.


On Tue, 2001-09-04 at 14:51, Janne Morén wrote:
Except if you are talking about motorcycle maintenance for example (a
subject that's - unfortunately - on my mind at the moment). Having a
warning popup every time I'd try to describe how I failed to attach
something properly (causing a minor disaster) would be annoying.

If this feature goes in at some point, make it configurable - and
probably off by default; I'd guess people would be confused if they got
the warning when they didn't know about the feature and didn't want to
send an attachement in the first place. By requiring people to turn it
on, they would know it will happen.

On Tue, 2001-09-04 at 23:01, Dan Winship wrote:
On Thu, 2001-08-30 at 03:37, John N S Gill wrote:

Wouldn't it be nice if ... evolution scanned the text of out-going
messages for the word 'attach' (I guess this would have to be
customisable/depend on the locale) + popped up a warning for any message
which mentioned the word but didn't actually have any attachments.

Yeah, this is in bugzilla somewhere.

-- Dan

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