Re: [Evolution] Contacts format has changed?

Ditto. I posted this a while agao but received no response. so I thought maybe something was weird on my machine. I ended up saving the Contacts list as VCard (highlight all by "Select All", right click and choose "Save as VCard). Make sure that the saved file has all the Contacts in it saved as VCard. I then blew away my Contacts file addressbook.db and re-imported my Contacts from  the saved VCard file.

Dunno why I had to do that.


On Mon, 2001-09-03 at 01:21, Mikael Hedberg wrote:
I tried to edit a contact I added some time ago (before the beta releases, not sure what version Evo was back then..), but when I press "Save" I get this:
Error modifying list: Card not found
But if I add a new contact, I can edit the new one just fine. Tried db_upgrade but as I guessed, it didn't work.. Any ideas?


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