[Evolution] cannot find database components

I have been having a particular problem with all recent builds of
evolution. The problem is that when I go to start up evolution, I get a
message saying the it cannot find database components. I then have to do
a "killev" and "ps -ax | grep oaf" and kill all oaf processes. Evolution
will then start up. Once evo is closed, the next start up results in the
same problem; all steps mentioned above need to be repeated.

This problem did not seem to manifest itself until either one of two
programs was installed:

1) SUN Java JRE2, or
2) Codeweavers Cross-over product.

I say this because it happens the same on two different machines, both
RedHat 7.1 running the Ximian desktop - both have all updates applied.

I have subsequently remove both applications, but now the problem still
persists. Current build of Evolution is +cvs.2001.

Any insite into this would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,


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