Re: [Evolution] Latest snapshots still require full Mozilla?

On Sun, 2001-10-28 at 03:01, Michael Leone wrote:
I tried to install the latest (2001.10.27) RH 7.1 snapshots, but failed,
since they seem to require Mozilla 0.9.5, and I stillhave 0.9.4 (which
came with my Mandrake 8.1).

I thought Evo only required the libnss, and not the whole Mozilla. I
can't use this snapshot, since the Mozilla 0.9.5 rpms from Mandrake
(Ximian doesn't yet support my distro) don't work for me; I get a "can't
create browser instance". I do have libnss3 v3.2.1-6.

Can somebody check the snapshot RPMs pre-requistes? If Evo only requires
the library, and not the full Mozilla, that would help a lot.

[ross lancelot ross]$ rpm -q --requires evolution
bonobo >= 1.0.0
gtkhtml >= 0.15.99
bonobo-conf >= 0.11
mozilla >= 0.9.5

Tut tut tut.

I've just re-opened bug #10964 at about this.

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