Re: [Evolution] Font of gpg-output

Am Sam, 2001-10-27 um 21.17 schrieb Dan Winship:
So, where does evo get this font from?

It just does <font size=-1>...</font>. So it should be the same font as
it's using for the rest of the message, just in a smaller size. Looks
like maybe you don't have any smaller sizes available and it's scaling
it badly? :(

Ah, okay...
I have some trouble with my font-servers. I'll update my X to 4.1.0
soon, maybe it's getting better then.

BTW: A hint to the german translator: I'm using de_DE, but the text
"This message..." has obviously not been translated.

Yeah, looks like the German translation hasn't been updated since
September 9.

Hmmm, maybe I could take a look into it. I haven't done this before, but
would really like to help out with this sort of things to make this
great product better :-)


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