Re: [Evolution] Help files and lynx...

On Fri, 2001-10-26 at 18:37, Bob Doan wrote:
Don't have lynx eh?

Go to the GNOME Control Center

There is a "Default Applications" option.. click on that
then go to the Help Viewer Tab

Make sure you either have Gnome Help Browser 


Custom Help Viewer as: gnome-help-browser "%s"

Have a happy Friday

- Bob

Ok...i got works only with some files...but why?...i went to
/usr/share/gnome/help/evolution/C/ and see what files were there...and
surprise...not all the files are .html, and when i have the error "Lynx
failed to download the selected file" in the help because
it's trying to find the .html file and for instance...the config-prefs
file is an sgml and not an html that an error? how can i fix
Jorge Salinas
jst ing puc cl

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