[Evolution] Printing calendar

I'm seeing some things when printing (and previewing) calendar views.

1. Text overflows boundaries in any view. I suspect this may be related
to some of the gtkHTML bugs already reported. Those have been for
printing mail, but I see essentially the same thing in calendar

2. When printing (or preview) "Selected Week", it mangles what I see on
screen for "Week View" (not work week). The "week View" shows 2 columns
of days and I have it set so Sat & Sun share the upper left box split
horizontally. Then Mon & Tues are the 2nd and 3rd boxes down in the 1st
column and Wed-Fri are the second column. 

In print (and preview), the upper left half box formerly Sat, is blank,
Sun & Mon are the 2nd & 3rd boxes down. Fri has come up from the bottom
box 2nd col and Tues from bottom box 1st col to overwrite each other in
top box 2nd col. Wed & Thur are now the 2nd and 3rd boxes, 2nd col.

RH7.1, evolution snap 200110251553.

John S. Weber
jweber math cudenver edu

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