Re: [Evolution] Sorting and threading issue.

On Wed, 2001-10-24 at 23:00, Eric Lambart wrote:

not schedule a date, about a month from now, and re-post your message??  :-)

Heh! You speak great sense, and I think I follow your advice.  .-)

Speaking of threads: how about a collapse all and expand all threads
feature? And even: expand/collapse marked threads?

If it wasn't clear, I wholeheartedly agree with you.  I tried NOT sorting my messages for a while (so new 
ended up on the bottom) but then Evolution wouldn't even scroll the table to display them; and when you 
open a folder, 
it always starts at the top, not the bottom!  IMHO THAT is the ugliest UI bug by far unless it's been fixed 
in the past 
couple of weeks since I switched back to reverse-sorting.

Hmmm, looking at the above - not what is written, but rather the form
of it: a re-wrap (both for non-quoted and quoted text) would be
nice, since the lines above are greater than 80 characters in width,
and I really don't feel like rewrapping them manually...

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I want something that'll give me the stamina of a young werewolf, the
vision of a shaman, the thoughts of a serial killer and the gentleness
of a hungry vampire bat.  --  Spider Jerusalem, Transmetropolitan

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