Re: [Evolution] Sorting and threading issue.

Another idea that is bound to elicit a chorus of "me toos" but, as you say, will be post 1.0 for sure.  As 
Dan Winship just 
pointed out, even the most animated discussion will probably be ignored by the Evo developers at the moment.  
not schedule a date, about a month from now, and re-post your message??  :-)

If it wasn't clear, I wholeheartedly agree with you.  I tried NOT sorting my messages for a while (so new 
ended up on the bottom) but then Evolution wouldn't even scroll the table to display them; and when you open 
a folder, 
it always starts at the top, not the bottom!  IMHO THAT is the ugliest UI bug by far unless it's been fixed 
in the past 
couple of weeks since I switched back to reverse-sorting.


10/24/2001 1:04:26 PM, Janus Christensen <januschr email dk> wrote:


I have been using Evolution for some time now, and I have a few
observations regarding sorting and threading of emails. I am an old
time Mutt user, and this mail client has a feature that allows you to
sort by reverse date (ie. new emails appear at the top of the list).
This Evolution can also do; a downwards pointing arrow in the date
column. When doing thread sorting in Mutt with reverse date sort, one
can also specify an option that sorts the messages *within* a thread
by date *non*-reversed.

That is, the first message of a thread is sorted by reverse date, and
within the threads the messages are sorted by date. I find this very
convenient, since I can just move downwards within a thread when reading
it. This can be described as having two sorting contexts: one outside
threads and one within threads.

As things stand today with Evolution, messages within a thread are
also sorted by reverse date, which I find a bit of an inconvience,
since my "reading flow" is interrupted.

Another useful feature regarding threads, would be that, when reading
a message and clicking on the next button in the message display window
the next displayed message is the next message in the current thread,
in stead of just the next message (globally). BTW, I have noticed
that messages are not marked as read when using the next and previous

I don't know whether you guys agree with me on the above points or
whether it is feasable to get these changes in before the 1.0 freeze -
which, if I don't remember wrong, has already happened - but I think
it would be something to consider for post 1.0.

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