RE: [Evolution] IMAP Trash folder?

10/24/2001 10:09:24 AM, Mike Sangrey <msangrey BlueFeltHat org> wrote:

I don't think people would think `vTrash' is anymore a typo than
`vFolders'.  And the `v' leans toward a commonly accepted convention. 
At least it "feels" that way to me.

Also, if you stick `Trash' down in `vFolders' I would have assumed THAT
`Trash' folder had something to do with stuff deleted out of `vFolders'
and that REALLY gets confusing.

Hmmmmm... I must concede that you have another very good point!  

Really, I'd be happy either way, but unless this thread drags on long enough that they'll do anything to shut 
us up, I 
have a feeling the good folks at Evo will just leave it be.  Sigh.

For some reason they seem particularly preoccupied with fixes for more serious bugs at the moment.  I just 
understand that =)

BTW, I haven't tried it, but what is suppose to happen if someone drags
and drops an email from a folder to `Trash'?  Does that do the right
thing?  You'll have people do that, you know.  Maybe this was discussed
already and I missed it.

Hmmm..... I _believe_ there was some sort of bug (besides the numerous general drag-n-drop bugs that have 
fixed) related to this, but I think it has been fixed.  Being at work and booted into Windoze I can't check 
it myself ATM.
What happens when you drag a message into a different vFolder?  Does such an action even make sense?


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