Re: [Evolution] Per-folder feature idea (that would just happen to fit me perfectly :-)

On Wed, 2001-10-24 at 15:12, Dan Winship wrote:
On Wed, 2001-10-24 at 00:29, Zot O'Connor wrote:
Perhaps a simple way to do this is Filters on outgoing mail.

That could get confusing, because you have no indication at the time
you're writing the message that the From will be changed. And what if
you want to send from a non-default address for some reason? And what if
you cc: two lists with different rules?

How about assigning priorities or weightings to each identity/rule to
stop things from getting confusing?
For example if I have 2 rules setup up for ilug linux ie and
ilug-dev linux ie where each one has a different 'From address'
specified (let's say ken linux ie for the first and webmaster linux ie
for the second and the webmaster identity/email address has a heavier
weighting) then the from address on that one email should be the
webmaster linux ie one.


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