[Evolution] Drag and drop/move message bug?

This may just be me, but I can recreate it reliably on my machine here:

Select a message in my Local Folders/Sent folder (this happens from any
folder in my Local store, though - not just Sent). 

Drag it to my IMAP Sent folder (because Evo forgot I use a custom "Sent"
folder again and I forgot to set it back - another story). 

SOMETIMES message is shown to be marked as deleted in Local

Status bar displays "Moving messages (0% complete)" which never goes

At this point, I can switch folders all I like, look at other messages,
etc ... but if anything needs to come off the IMAP server, I'm out of

The message HAS been copied to the IMAP server at this point. 

After a "killev", everything is OK, and the original messages in
Local/Sent are intact, and NOT marked deleted. 

I can drag and drop to move messages within the Local Folders OR within
the IMAP store with no problems - it only falls over dragging from one
type to the other. 

Anyone else seeing this? 


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