[Evolution] Palm Syncin' -- again

I apologize for the redundancy of this message, but I'm having some difficulty with my Palm.  I've scoured the list archives before posting and have seen the topic covered several times, but each of the solutions doesn't seem to work for me.

I've d/l the Evolution v.15 tarball and installed.  I've d/l the Pilot-Link tarball and installed.  My Gnome Pilot seems to be a fairly recent release so I left that alone.

I tried to run the command:
./autogen.sh --prefix=<evo-prefix> --with-pisock=<pilot-link-prefix> --enable-pilot-conduits=yes
...from the "macros" directory (only place I could find "autogen.sh" in the Evolution directory tree & filling in the appropriate info in the <blanks>) but that didn't get me anywhere.

Additionally, I looked for dox in the archive and came up empty as far as specifics on configuring Palm support.

Any help would be very appreciated!

BTW  Congrats to the devel team on this wonderful application!

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