Re: [Evolution] IMAP Trash folder?

On Tue, 2001-10-23 at 17:50, Eric Lambart wrote:
10/23/2001 4:56:20 PM, "Zot O'Connor" <zot zotconsulting com> wrote:

I have not seen a client do this behavior, I thought most POP client did
a local move to Trash (like a IMAP move).

Most POP clients do.  I sure wish Evo did it this way.  vFolders may have some use to some people, but 
Trash doesn't 
seem like a good one to me.  I find it really annoying to lose my messages permanently when I expunge the 
mailbox; they should remain in the Trash until I expunge/empty that, too.

So that's what's happening with the trash. I thought it was a bug.

first impressions are bunk (unknown)

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