Re: [Evolution] m505 with Evo (or coldsync with evo)

Hi JP!

Am Die, 2001-10-23 um 08.41 schrieb JP Rosevear:
coldsync. So my question is, has anyone tried to make evo and coldsync
"friends"? ;-)

Nope.  The main barrier right now is the evo sits on top of gnome-pilot
which uses pilot-link.  I believe support for the m505 is going in to
the pilot-link cvs although i can't be positive.

Thanks for your fast respons.
Well, I know that evo uses gnome-pilot.
So, to make them friends, one needed to write a sort of conduit for
coldsync that talks to evo... that would be really hard to implement, I
think. So I'll see what pilot-link is doing. Last state I read is that
they have to change their architecture inside the driver to support

I'll see.


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