Re: [Evolution] Multiple filtering nukes messages

Well that seems pretty weird.

BTW the messages are really deleted, they're not just 'not showing up'
or something?

You didn't delete stuff from 'unmatched'?

Has it happened more than once?


On Wed, 2001-10-17 at 20:37, Ujwal S. Sathyam wrote:
I have several filters:

1. Subject contains "Evolution": Move -> Evolution (IMAP); Stop
2. Recipient contains "dev-etrax": Move-> Etrax (Local); Stop Processing
3. SPAM : Recipient do not contain my email addresses (1 IMAP + 1 POP):
Delete; Stop Processing.
4. Recipient contains netbrowser (IMAP account): Assign Color; Stop
Processing. This is the INBOX that got wiped out.
5. Another SPAM targeting my POP account: Sender contains "pymesite":
Delete; Stop Processing.

Filters seem to work randomly. Sometimes they are applied automatically,
sometimes not. Manual application of filters has always worked. They
have never killed needed mails. Until now. I am willing to believe I did
something wrong. I just hope it is not a bug.


On Wed, 2001-10-17 at 15:03, Not Zed wrote:

    Is that all, what else do your filters do?
    On Wed, 2001-10-17 at 17:36, Ujwal S. Sathyam wrote:
    > On Wed, 2001-10-17 at 14:08, Matt Nelson wrote:
    >     This has never happened to me when doing ctl-a ctl-y in the INBOX - I do
    >     that all the time.  If the behavior is due to copy followed by delete
    >     w/out checking that the destination is different than the source (as I
    >     suspect), the only way to nuke your INBOX is if you have filters set up
    >     to move messages into your inbox - sorta a odd thing to do...
    > I have filters that set color in my inbox.
    > Ujwal

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