Re: [Evolution] Multiple filtering nukes messages

I have several filters:

1. Subject contains "Evolution": Move -> Evolution (IMAP); Stop Processing
2. Recipient contains "dev-etrax": Move-> Etrax (Local); Stop Processing
3. SPAM : Recipient do not contain my email addresses (1 IMAP + 1 POP): Delete; Stop Processing.
4. Recipient contains netbrowser (IMAP account): Assign Color; Stop Processing. This is the INBOX that got wiped out.
5. Another SPAM targeting my POP account: Sender contains "pymesite": Delete; Stop Processing.

Filters seem to work randomly. Sometimes they are applied automatically, sometimes not. Manual application of filters has always worked. They have never killed needed mails. Until now. I am willing to believe I did something wrong. I just hope it is not a bug.


On Wed, 2001-10-17 at 15:03, Not Zed wrote:
Is that all, what else do your filters do?

On Wed, 2001-10-17 at 17:36, Ujwal S. Sathyam wrote:
> On Wed, 2001-10-17 at 14:08, Matt Nelson wrote:
>     This has never happened to me when doing ctl-a ctl-y in the INBOX - I do
>     that all the time.  If the behavior is due to copy followed by delete
>     w/out checking that the destination is different than the source (as I
>     suspect), the only way to nuke your INBOX is if you have filters set up
>     to move messages into your inbox - sorta a odd thing to do...
> I have filters that set color in my inbox.
> Ujwal

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