Re: [Evolution] Multiple filtering nukes messages

I just tried creating a filter rule to move all bugzilla messages into
my "bugzilla" imap folder and ran this filter on all messages currently
in my imap "bugzilla" folder and everything worked as it should - ie,
nothing got marked as deleted, no duplicate copies of any messages,
nothing copied out of the bugzilla folder...etc etc

Are you sure you don't have some other filter that is marking messages
as deleted? Because it surely doesn't seem to be the "Move" filter
that's doing it.


On Wed, 2001-10-17 at 17:08, Matt Nelson wrote:
This has never happened to me when doing ctl-a ctl-y in the INBOX - I do
that all the time.  If the behavior is due to copy followed by delete
w/out checking that the destination is different than the source (as I
suspect), the only way to nuke your INBOX is if you have filters set up
to move messages into your inbox - sorta a odd thing to do...


On Wed, 2001-10-17 at 13:51, Ujwal S. Sathyam wrote:
On Wed, 2001-10-17 at 11:46, Matt Nelson wrote: 

In evo +cvs.2001. I am seeing a dangerous filtering

behavior.  Try the following:

- set up a folder, such as "Ximian Mailing Lists" and a filter to move

incoming messages into it.

- after a few messages accumulate in the new folder, select it so that

you see the message pane containing the filtered messages.

- press CTL-a, CTL-y to filter those messages again.

*poof* all the messages disappear.  They don't even show up in the


It looks to me like the filtering mechanism first copies the messages to

their destination, then deletes them.  In this case, they get copied on

top of themselves, then deleted.

Note: all of the above is with IMAP folders.  This may have happened in

earlier evo's, but I hadn't noticed it till now.

This happened to me too!! I thought I did something stupid. Of course,
it is possible for two people to have done something stupid. I lost all
my mails yesterday in my IMAP INBOX after I did Ctrl-A and Ctrl-Y. 


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