Re: [Evolution] IMAP: last message to arrive in a folder is not shown

It's NEEDINFO'd because it seems Exchange is broken and we don't know
what to do about it.


On Tue, 2001-10-16 at 09:21, Rick Ziegler wrote:
I entered this bug as ,
but it was a duplicate of

the status is NEEDINFO, but it doesn't say what kind of info.  The
target Milestone is 1.0, so I really hope this one gets fixed soon. 
There are a lot of shops with exchange servers, and this bug is really

On Tue, 2001-10-16 at 07:21, John N S Gill wrote:

I have evolution set up to use IMAP to talk to an exchange server. I
also use the little gnome panel applet to notify me of new mail arriving
on the exchange server.

The little penguin starts dancing when new mail arrives, but it doesn't
show up in evolution.  If a second new message arrives then I get to see
the penultimate message.

If I delete a message from the folder and then expunge messages then I
get to see all messages in the IMAP folder, including the most recent.  

I'm currently using evolution-0.15.99-snap.ximian.200110050808, but this
problem has been around for some time now.

Hope this helps someone track down the problem.. let me know if you want
more info/experiments.


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