Re: [Evolution] Using Evoltion on anohter machine.

On Mon, Oct 15, 2001 at 08:56:27PM -0700, Kevyn wrote:
Hi all, 

I have two PC running Red Hat 7.1.  One has Ximian and the other does
not.  From the machine without Ximian, can I launch Evolution?  

1.  ssh to the machine with Ximian installed
2.  launch evolution
3.  Evolution starts, but I could only see the "Local Folders" and
inbox, outbox, sent, trash, etc... folders.

However, I don't see any of my messages in my inbox, sent, draft.

Am I doing something wrong?

Gnome applications that use CORBA are not very good for DISPLAY exporting. IMHO the placing of the root IOR 
in the X root window was a fatal flaw in te design of the gnome CORBA environment and means to get proper 
network display exporting working you have to enable CORBA over tcp sockets (by default its only unix domain 
sockets). Its set in /etc/orbitrc. Then you can ssh, export DISPLAY= and work without problems.

For your own eyebrow raising experience, try doing this and then do a nmap of the machine running the CORBA. 
Swiss cheese! This is why I dont run gnome apps over the network. I've posted comment on this before to a 
more relevant mailing list, but didn't get a single response. The gnome CORBA implementations need serious 

Of course I could have your problem completely wrong!


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