Re: [Evolution] CVS Compilation Question

does anyone know what the proper version of gettext should be?  i'm
using the one that comes with Debian SID (0.10.40-1).  or perhaps there
is some configuration issue with gettext that I need to look into?

It'd be nice not to have to hack the makefiles :)


On Mon, 2001-10-15 at 14:42, Ujwal S. Sathyam wrote:
I had the same problem. Apparently, it is some gettext issue. I had been 
running Mandrake 7.2 with an updated Ximian Gnome. I then finally 
updated to Mandrake 8.1, and I don't have to hack the Makefiles anymore.


Joe Barnett wrote:

when i try building things from CVS (gal,gtkhtml,evolution), after I run
./, it generates an empty Makefile in the <base>/intl

Since I haven't cared much about internationalization, I've just been
editing the base makefile and cropping out intl from the SUBDIRS
section, but there's got to be a cleaner way to do this.

what application (autoconf/automake/etc) settings, or is there something
else should I check?


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