[Evolution] Re: Mozillasupport

Luis Villa <louie ximian com> said:
<shrug> show us an ssl library that doesn't have licensing issues, or
convince us that ssl isn't important, and we'll drop it.
Luis (good luck on either one of them)

You may have a very good reason there, but you are about to freeze the code and Mozilla is not. The best reasons in the world will not change the fact that Evolution will become unusable with the next version number increment in Mozilla.

What about basing your ssl use on openssl, write to the API, and require anyone who wants to use it to install openssl themselves? That way you can make the dependency be on openssl version >= 0.96 and make installing ssl support optional. That may be a bit of work but it's got to be better than not being able to install it at all, which is what the dependency on an old version of Mozilla will mean.

-- sidney
   sidney sidney com

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